Black Rhino
Hands Free Dog Leash


  • COMPLETE MOBILITY  Our leash is Hands Free! You’re now able multi-task while walking your dog. Talk on your phone; sip a cup of coffee/glass of wine, or both. It’s never been easier.  Walking your dog will never be the same.

  • COMFORTABLE & EASY  There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable while exercising. Our ultra lightweight belt fits with ease and allows both hands to be free while walking your dog. Simply snap the clasps around your waist and that's it.

  •   PERFECT LENGTH  Our leash provides the perfect length for walking, running, or hiking with your dog. The 48” leash is long enough so that your pup can run in front, beside, or behind you without stepping on each other’s heels.

  • YOUR IN CHARGE  Occasionally your pup needs a little guidance to stay on track. Our leash has dual handles that allows you to maintain stride without having to stop every second of the way.  The leash can easily be unclipped from the belt and used like a standard leash if preferred.  There are also TWO metal D clips on the belt that allow you to choose the control you want for your run.

  • PARENT FRIENDLY  Walking your dog while pushing your baby stroller can be overwhelming at times. Having both hands free makes for a much more relaxing and enjoyable outing for everyone.


  • BUNGEE SHOCK  Has your dog ever gotten distracted and forgot they were on a leash causing a sudden jerk? Our innovative bungee was designed specifically for that purpose. Any unwanted force is absorbed and the bungee gently pulls your pup back on track avoiding injury to both you and your dog.

  • DUAL HANDLES  Our leash has two multi-purpose handles for easily controlling your dog. The handle by you hip can be unhooked from the belt and used like a standard leash while the handle by the collar allows for more direct control.  Whether it's guiding them down a narrow trail or running through metropolis streets, you're always guaranteed to be in charge.

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL  We've all bought leashes that don't stand the test of time. We've made sure to only use the highest quality webbing and accessories so that they last for very long time.

  • REFLECTIVE THREADING AND STITCHING  There is nothing better than taking a walk in the early morning or late evening. Black Rhino Hands Free Dog Leash has reflective stitching running the full length of the belt and the leash that will help with your visibility and safety.

  • STYLISH DESIGN  Our 2016 Caribbean Aqua/Grey leash will make every day feel like you're on vacation.