Potty Time Hanging Dog Bells

How to Bell Train Your Dog

1) Hang the bell on the door that you want your dog to use to go outside.


2) Every time you take your dog outside, put your dog in front of the hanging bell and say"Out" or "Go Potty", then gently take your dog's paw and nudge the bell. You can also encourage your pup to nudge the bell with her nose. Once your dog rings the bell, immediately take her out.


3) Continue to assist your pup with nudging the door bell each time before she goes out, and continue to say "Out" or "Go Potty' each time. Your pup will figure this out after a while and start to nudge the bell on her own. Be sure to verbally praise your pup each time she nudges the bell and then open the door to let her out. This will reinforce that you understand what she is trying to communicate.


4) Eventually, your dog will begin to ring the hanging bell on her own without you being present. Be sure that you immediately drop everything and run to let her out. This is the only way she will continue to associate the bell with going outside. Make sure to give verbal praise and reward with a treat after she uses the bathroom outside. If she is going outside and not using the bathroom bring your pup in and don't reward with a treat.