• FREE YOUR HANDS - You're now able to multi-task while being active with your dog. Talk on your phone, carry a drink, or both. Our leash gives you total freedom and allows free arm swing for optimal performance while exercising with your dog. Physical Therapist Recommended!


  • NEOPRENE PADDED HANDLES - Unlike other Hands Free Leashes, our leash has dual handles that are layered with an ultra-soft yet durable neoprene padding. The leash can easily be detached from the belt and used like a standard leash with a short traffic handle as a bonus.


  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH - Our leash is adjustable in length from 4.5' - 5' and is the perfect length for walking, running, or hiking with your dog. This feature allows your pup to easily walk in front, beside, or behind you without stepping on each other’s heels. The adjustable length also allows for better control of your dog while using the short traffic handle.


  • HEALTHY CHOICE - Occasionally your pup needs a little guidance to stay on track. Our dual handle bungee leash absorbs unwanted shock and reduces joint & muscle strain on both you and your dog. Our HandsFree Leash can prevent acute injury caused by sudden jerking and is recommended by Physical Therapists & Veterinarians across the U.S.


  • PARENT FRIENDLY – Pushing a baby stroller and walking your dog can be challenging. Our hands free leash was designed with moms & dads in mind. “Baxter” can now easily walk beside the stroller and be a part of the family that he loves. Try it TODAY RISK-FREE - Click Add to Cart NOW!

Hands Free Leash

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