Safety First Dog Seatbelt

  • PET SAFETY - We believe in safety first that’s why we have designed our new “Safety First Seat Belt” for dogs. This seat belt is made to the same specifications used for securing child car seats. In 1999, the federal government (FMVSS) required that all vehicles be manufactured using latch bar anchor points. They required this in order to “increase child restraint effectiveness and child safety”.

  • EASY LATCH - Here at Black Rhino we believe if there is a safer option for our children, then our pets deserve it too! With the easy-to-use latch hook, the Safety Belt can be directly connected to the frame of the vehicle for better security.

  • SLEEK & CONVENIENT - The Black Rhino Safety Belt can stay attached to your vehicle’s latch bar at all times. It is sleek in nature, fitting right in amongst the human seat belts, No more time and energy spent hooking and unhooking your pets seat belt. It is convenient and ready to use when your four-legged friend is a passenger.

  • BUNGEE SHOCK ABSORBTION – Our seatbelt has a built-in bungee system that will help to absorb shock if needed.

  • DURABILITY: The Black Rhino Safety Belt is made with thick, top quality nylon that will hold up for years to come. Unlike other dog seatbelts, ours is made from all metal hardware and 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ADD TO CART NOW